Remembrance Program

This Glenview Park District program provides meaningful ways to commemorate a special event or memorialize a loved one.

Celebrate Life – Plant a Tree!

Each year, dozens of people choose to honor an individual, couple or group by making a tax-deductible donation of a tree to the Glenview Park District. A tree is a wonderful way to:

  • Celebrate the birth of a child
  • Observe a wedding anniversary
  • Mark a special birthday
  • Commemorate a graduation
  • Honor a father or mother
  • Remember a loved one
  • Thank a favorite teacher

To learn more about donating a tree to a specific facility or park, please contact the following:
The Grove: Lorin Ottlinger, 224-521-2099
Glenview Park Golf Club: Todd Vermillion, 224-521-2235
Glenview Prairie Club: Kristen Kechik, 224-521-2023
Historic Wagner Farm: Sarah Schoeneberg, 224-521-2189
Parks: Ken Wexler, 224-521-2264