Pool Safety

Play It Safe: Safety Regulations at Glenview’s Outdoor PoolsPool-dos-donts1

The Glenview Park District would like to remind parents and other pool patrons that you play a key role in helping us to ensure a safe and fun experience at our pools. Common factors that contribute to accidental drowning include:

  • Lack of adult supervision for children
  • Breath-holding contests Bobbing or wading into deeper water, then being unable to lift the mouth or nose out of the water or choking on water
  • Being a non-swimmer in deep water without a life jacket

Parents and guardians should not leave children unattended, and preschool children and non-swimmers should be directly supervised–within touching distance–by a responsible adult. Our pool staff takes your family’s safety very seriously, but we can’t do it alone. Check out these safety tip videos

Click here for a printable copy of Glenview Park District Pool Rules.