Outdoor Skating & Sledding

SleddingWinter Fun

The Glenview Park District will offer outdoor sledding and ice skating at the following locations during the winter season:


Flick Park, 3600 Glenview Road – CLOSED
Johns Park, 2101 Central Road – CLOSED

Outdoor Ice Skating:

Flick Park, 3600 Glenview Road – CLOSED  
Johns Park, 2101 Central Road – CLOSED 
Roosevelt Park, 2200 Grove Street – CLOSED 

All skating rinks allow both skating and hockey. Groups should be considerate of one another.

All sled hills and ice skating rinks are lighted for evening activities and close nightly at 10 p.m.

Sledding is permitted at both parks when snow is considered by the park district to be deep enough. When weather conditions allow (several days of below-freezing temperatures), park district staff will begin flooding the ice rinks at Flick, Johns and Roosevelt Parks. It takes a minimum of three days of below freezing weather to produce safe ice. Signs will be posted at the Flick Park entrance on Glenview Road and the Johns Park entrance on Central Road when sledding and skating is permitted on any given day. Open/closed signs will also be posted at Roosevelt Park when those rinks are open for skating. A daily update on whether the rinks and sled hills are open or closed will appear on the home page of the park district website.

SkatingPlease call 847-724-3337 (followed by the extension below) after 10:30 a.m. for current rink/sled hill conditions.

There is no supervision or warming facilities at sledding or skating locations. Anyone using sled hills or ice rinks should be aware that the risk of injury is present. The Glenview Park District encourages everyone to participate in these activities in a safe manner and suggests that children be supervised by a responsible adult.

Important Sled Hill Safety Information

  • Sledding is a hazardous activity with the potential for serious injury.
  • The Sled Hill is unsupervised.
  • The user assumes full responsibility for determining if the Sled Hill is safe to use.
  • Use the Sled Hill at your own risk.
  • Stay clear of the Sled Hill run-out to avoid collisions.
  • Walk to the top of the Sled Hill using the ramp provided (left side of the hill at Flick Park, west side of the hill at Johns Park).
  • Use caution when sledding and be considerate of others.
  • Sled down the hill when the run-out is clear of other sledders.
  • Report any problems or hazardous conditions to 847-998-8350.