Community Park West Disc Golf Course

1001 Zenith Drive, Glenview
(west of Milwaukee Ave., north of Central Ave.)

Hours: Dawn to Dusk (year round)

 Disc Golf is a great new lifetime sport you can be play from school age to old age.  The game is easy to learn and you can play free of charge and year-round at our disc golf course  located adjacent to the dog park in Community Park West (access the course from the parking lot west of the skate park and basketball court).   The course has ten holes ranging in length from 200 to 375 feet.

How Do You Play Disc Golf?

Disc golf is a lot like traditional “ball” golf except players use specially made frisbee-like plastic flying discs and throw them for “par” at an above-ground target instead of a hole in the ground. There are three different types of discs used for different purposes, much the way ball golfers use different clubs.

The object of the game is to throw a golf disc into the “Pole Hole” basket (a steel basket over which chains hang) in the fewest number of throws. The player starts at a designated tee area and throws one type of disc (a Driver) toward the target, throwing each consecutive shot from the spot where the previous throw has landed. Intermediate throws are made using a second type of disc (a Mid-Range) before switching to a third type of disc (a Putter) at close range to “putt” the disc into the target.

Discs may be purchased at most major sporting goods stores and they  typically range from $7 to $15.   The Professional Disc Golf Association is the governing body for the sport and has compiled a manual containing the rules. To download a copy of this manual, click here.

Bring your friends and try your hand at Glenview’s newest sport!

Click here to download a scorecard for the Glenview Park District Disc Golf Course.

The Glenview Park District would like to thank Aaron Hanson, Evan Anderson, Lucas Neuhaus, & Jason Neuhaus for their participation in the design of the disc golf course.