Come Out and Play!

Discover 853 acres of developed and undeveloped parkland and open space, including over 600 acres owned by the park district and 223 acres leased, made available for public use through intergovernmental cooperative agreement with the Village of Glenview and local school districts.

To view a map of our parks and facilities, click here.

The Glenview Park District includes 48 parks where you can:

With all these possibilities, there’s no excuse for staying indoors. So come out and play‚Ķat a Glenview Park District park!

Pesticides & Our Parks

In an effort to minimize impacts to the environment, the Glenview Park District has adopted an Integrated Pest Management System to help us reduce chemical usage in our parks and facilities. As a result of using less pesticide in these areas, weeds such as dandelions may be apparent for a short time each spring.

Our crews mow the lawn areas regularly to control weeds. We also follow lawn care recommendations to keep grass three to four inches high to allow for strong root growth and some shading out of weeds. However, because of our limited use of chemical pesticides, weeds such as dandelions grow back very quickly.

Remember that these dandelions are a sign of our Integrated Pest Management System at work and an indication of a healthy and safe environment for you and your family.

Automated External Defibrillators

Seven Automated External Defibrillators are installed throughout several park locations. Three of these life saving devices can be found at Community Park West, two at Flick Park and two at Gallery Park. Learn how to use them here.

AED Locations:

Community Park West – Outside Park Facility Services: 655 Zenith Ave.

Community Park West – Central Pavilion: 795 Zenith Ave.

Community Park West – North Pavilion: 1001 Zenith Ave.

Flick Park – South Pavilion: 3600 Glenview Rd.

Flick Park – North Fieldhouse: 3716 Lindenwood Ln. (Temporarily unavailable until May 2019 due to renovations)

Gallery Park – North Pavilion: 2699 W. Lake Ave.

Gallery Park – South Pavilion: 2598 Chestnut Ave.

Anti-Idling Policy

In 2012, the Glenview Park District adopted a policy to discourage employees and patrons in diesel and gasoline powered vehicles from idling for excessive periods of time near park district facilities in order to improve air quality. To read a fuller description of this policy, click here.