School Programs

PLEASE NOTE: We’re currently not offering field trip and scout group offerings.  Check back soon for more information.

The Kent Fuller Air Station Prairie is a 32-acre remnant of the tallgrass prairie that once stretched for millions of square miles across much of North America. Here you can experience what northern Illinois was like during pre-settlement conditions and view native vegetation close-up through our teaching gardens and walking paths. The 3,000 square foot Evelyn Pease Tyner Interpretive Center serves as a showcase for green technology, and has been certified as LEED Platinum by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Thanks to all the school groups we’ve served.  When it’s safe to bring groups back to Kent Fuller Air Station Prairie, here’s what you can look forward too!  Watch the video and enjoy.

Take a look at what a trip to Kent Fuller Air
Station Prairie can offer your students