Wi-Fi Access

The Glenview Park District is pleased to offer free Internet access to our customers through a wireless network. All you need to do is bring your own computer equipped with wireless capability.

Who can access the Glenview Park District Wi-Fi?

Anyone with a laptop, notebook computer or a smart phone with a standard Internet browser and a Wi-Fi compliant wireless Ethernet card. Some newer computers may have built-in wireless capability. Mac users who have a compatible wireless card and appropriate software can also access the network. No membership or registration with the Glenview Park District is required.

Each time you sign on to the Glenview Park District Wi-Fi network, you will be required to read and agree to the terms of use before access to the network is allowed.

Where can I access the Glenview Park District Wi-Fi?

Access is currently available at Park Center, the Glenview Ice Center, the Glenview Park Golf Club, the Prairie Club, The Grove’s Redfield Estate, the Glenview Tennis Club and Wagner Farm.

At Park Center, the front lobby, the concession area & the seating area on the second floor overlooking the pools are the areas most conducive for public use. Wi-Fi access is also available in some classroom areas for use during room rentals as well as in the Fitness Center and the Lakeview Room

At the Glenview Ice Center, the lobby, the second floor open space and the bleachers in both the studio rink and main rink are the areas most conducive for public use.

At the Glenview Park Golf Club, access is available in the Pro Shop and the patio area of the Clubhouse.

At the Glenview Tennis Club, the lower and upper lounge areas are most conducive for public access of the network.

Is the network secure?

No network is 100% secure. This is an open public access network line. You should always be sure that you are on a SSL encrypted web page before sending or receiving any confidential information.

How do I know if I am on a SSL encrypted web page?

  • Check the web page URL ( web page address). Addresses beginning with HTTPS indicate a secure site.
  • Check for the lock icon on the web browser. Click on the icon to get details about the site’s security.

How do I sign-on to the network?

Just launch your browser ( Internet Explorer, Firefox etc) and follow any prompts.

I tried to access a certain website but I can not gain access- what’s wrong?

The Glenview Park District Wi-Fi network utilizes web-filtering software for the safety of our patrons.

For a printed copy of Glenview Park District Wi-Fi Policy and locations, click here.